I saw that today is World Water Day, which I’d not heard of before, despite it being around since 1993. I was inspired to make a post where water plays a part in each photo.

One of the reasons I love living where I do is being in close proximity to water. Puget Sound is nearby, and I live close to Lake Washington, but there are so many other lakes, rivers, and streams near me. I grew up on a river, close to a bay, and handy to water just feels Right. So when I get the urge to go out and point my camera at something, my first instinct is almost always “where can I find some water?”. Not always to have it in the shot, because where there’s water there are usually other things that I find interesting: plants, animals, people, or structures. Even a little bit of water can draw my eye though, usually because of reflections in it.

These three photos ‘reflect’ all of those things for me.

The first photo was taken in the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, in central Washington, while on a camping trip. I was really taken with the idea of a wetland in the middle of, essentially, a desert, so I had to visit. I’m glad I did. One of these years I want to attend the Othello Sandhill Crane festival, when those birds migrate through the area.

The second was much closer to home: the underside of the 520 bridge across Lake Washington. If you park at the Arboretum, you can take a path under the bridge and out to Foster Island. Doing that gets you this great view of the supports that feels, to me, like a grand hallway.

The third is just a simple reflection, but I love those. Particularly ones like this, where it’s just a puddle, so the reflection in it is ‘framed’ by what’s around it.