One of my bucket list shots, while I was in the Grand Teton and Yellowstone areas, was to get a shot of a Bison. On the day I drove down to Grand Teton from Glacier I went through Yellowstone, and was very encouraged to see a lot of them, very close to the road. I didn’t stop then, figuring I’d have a good chance to see them again in a few days when I came back.

And see them I did! Mostly from a distance, on the day I drove around Yellowstone, but a couple were closer to the roadside. The most exciting view happened on the way home, though. I’d stopped to get shots of various geysers and hot springs and was all the way back to my Jeep when a Bison just… walked through the parking lot not 30 feet from me.

So, please enjoy these photos of Bison. If you think any of them are worthy of putting up on my store, let me know in the comments!

Photos taken with a Nikon Z7 II & Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3