In the spring of 2023, a mutual friend put Victoria Weyland in touch with me.  She’d been looking to get some new photos taken, to use in marketing her work as an author.

We worked out the logistics, finding a time in our schedules when we could meet for the shoot.  We landed on using the Washington Park Arboretum, to catch the early blossoms.  It’s such a great place to shoot at any time of year, but it really pops in the spring.  Victoria made it even more interesting by bringing a couple of outfits to wear, and a rapier!  I love props, particularly ones brought by the person I’m shooting: usually they have a connection to the item, and that makes it an extension of their self expression.

So, who is Victoria Weyland?  Clearly someone who wears black and owns a sword (which is to say: My Kind Of Person), but she’s also an author.  And in her own words, from her site:

Raised in New Orleans, Victoria Weyland is a PNW transplant where she lives with her partner. When she’s not writing and reading, she enjoys playing board games with friends and traveling. She prefers her martinis like her HEAs—filthy.

Gear used in this shoot: Nikon D850, Nikon 105mm f2 DC