Yesterday saw my friend Matt and I putting our kayaks in at Bowman Bay, in Deception Pass State Park. We paddled out to Gull Rocks, near the mouth of the bay, then over to Rosario Head. The water was incredibly calm, so we continued on to Deception Island, where we got out and puttered around the little rocky beach.

We didn’t quite time the departure from the island right, and ended up fighting the incoming tide. We were close enough to Deception Pass itself that the current was faster than we could paddle against. So we ended up turning around, going with the current, and pulled out at North Beach, just before the pass itself.

After a few pleasant hours relaxing in the sun on the beach, the tide turned again, the currents became manageable, and we paddled back across to Lottie Bay. From there a quick portage got us back into Bowman Bay, and a short paddle took us back to the car.

As Matt said “I wish more of my mistakes ended up with an afternoon on a sunny beach.”

Same, my friend. Same.

Working from the truism “the best camera is the one you have with you”, these were all taken with my Samsung phone.